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Why Smile Direct is One of the Best Things That Has Happened to Orthodontics.

Why Smile Direct is One o...

Recently, Smile Direct Club (SDC) launched a new ad campaign and celebrity endorsement from Shawn Mendes, the pop star and Canadian singer-songwriter. I have no idea if their expansion into Canada and the timing of this endorsement are intentional or... »

The Ritz-Carlton Customer Service Standards

The Ritz-Carlton Customer...

If you’ve been hanging around me for very long, you know that I like to read. A lot. As a rule of thumb, even though I read nearly every new business book that comes out, I read them quickly and scan for common principles that I might be able t... »

Driven by Emotion.

Driven by Emotion.

From a recent Kiplinger editorial survey, “On Valentine’s Day, one in five die-hard sports fans turns down romance to watch a game. A good chunk of men, 31%, want their lovers to be bigger fans; 18% would take a pay cut to change their pa... »