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Innovation vs. Improvement.

Innovation vs. Improvemen...

When Brian Carroll was laid off unexpectedly from his sales position at a car dealership in Michigan, he received a call from a past customer wanting a car.  Carroll told the buyer he no longer worked at the dealership, but the customer didnR... »

Go Where the Water is Deep.

Go Where the Water is Dee...

As of November, Nike no longer sells directly on Amazon. Nike is not alone. Birkenstock, Louis Vuitton, North Face, Patagonia, Asics, Ralph Lauren, Rolex and Vans do not sell directly on Amazon either. Nestlé Nespresso dominates a huge direct-to-cons... »

Circumstance vs. Character.

Circumstance vs. Characte...

In coaching, consulting and reviewing the reports from our on-site trainers, human capital challenges are at the top of the list of items we’re hired to fix. As I’ve done with most systems, challenges and opportunities in business, I help... »