Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

If you or your parents grew up when the popular opinion in Congress, the news media and universities aligned with Roosevelt’s New Deal and the idea of redistribution of wealth, you’ve seen things come a long way from that ideal to Regan, who brought back the old Federalist lines of argument. These aligned closely to Alexander Hamilton, who has garnered much current interest and is the subject of a hot-ticket Broadway musical.

Lapham’s Quarterly recently examined the life and ideas of Alexander Hamilton with a special issue, including letters, speeches, political pamphlets and works of literature from historical figures who have “rearranged the furniture of the past to suit the comfort of their present.”

A high-quality journal to start, when Lapham’s dives deeper into a single subject or person, it is extremely worthwhile to pay attention. As with any historical figure, especially one as prominent as Hamilton, the smart doctor will look for commonalities and clues that can help him or her grow the practice. Get the journal here.

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