Delivering Quality Service


How do you know if you and your staff are delivering a quality service? You can take a guess, you can evaluate how many customers consistently return, or you can poll them to see if they are satisfied. Better yet, you can read Delivering Quality Service and get a firm grasp on what is meant by delivering quality service and more.

This down-to-earth account of customer service in the business world provides a detailed look at how the customer views quality. It also goes in-depth in explaining some of the gaps that exist, such as not knowing what your customers want, service quality standards, service performance gaps, and what happens when your promises don’t match the expected delivery. There are real-life examples provided throughout in order to help bring this information alive.

Learning from such big name companies as Goodyear, Ford, and Walmart, among others, this book provides timeless information. It’s not always easy to look at your own business in order to identify gaps in your service. Being able to look at others provides important insight that you may be able to relate to. Every practice can gain from the information in this book. Use it to understand more about customer service, how you can identify gaps, and what you can do in order to make improvements.

Every business knows that providing great customer service is a must if they wish to be successful. Yet many businesses fail at this very task each year. This book will arm you with the tools and information you need in order to make quality service more than just a catchphrase. You and your office team will be able to raise the bar, make improvements, and watch the benefits your company reaps as a result. Read this one so both you and your customers gain.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.