Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Think someone having a high IQ means they are bound for success in life? Think again! In Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman will shatter everything you thought you knew about intelligence. Forget how much someone scores on an IQ test. What is more important, as he explains, is how well someone can get along in the world around them. That’s what emotional intelligence boils down to!

In your practice you may be the best at straightening teeth and giving your patients the best smile possible. But that doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be successful in your practice. There is more to what makes someone a success than book smarts or how well they grasped the materials they learned in school. Goleman points out that the more important things are what he collectively refers to as “emotional intelligence.”

According to Goleman, your emotional intelligence is far more important than your IQ. It’s made up of such things as altruism, self awareness, personal motivation, empathy, and your ability to love and be loved by others. This book offers real-life examples and practical ways that you will be able to adapt to using emotional intelligence to help your practice be successful. Just imagine being able to better relate to your clients, being able to read your team of employees, and using those skills for organizing, negotiating, and growing personal connections.

Whether you have always wondered if the IQ score is important or not, this is a book that every entrepreneur should read. Not only will it help you gain a better understanding of the children in our nation, but as he points out, emotional intelligence is something that can be learned. When you learn how to become more emotionally intelligent you will see benefits in your business as a result.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.