Estee: A Success Story

Estee: A Success Story

If there was ever a person who dominated an industry and became it an icon it was Estee Lauder. The success she experienced in the world of beauty has made her an icon. Not only do we today associate the name with a high-quality line of products, but we also recognize it as the name of someone who has had great business success. Estee: A Success Story tells the story of her success and provides for an interesting and quick read.

The book provides a look at Lauder’s life, passions, and drive. She was someone who would not take no for an answer and continued to work tirelessly toward her goals. There are lessons that each of us can learn in this autobiography about her business success. Being able to see how she made decisions, what she valued, and how she grew her company is eye opening and inspiring.

Paying great attention to detail, this book offers a fascinating look into the life and success of someone we can all learn something from. Estee Lauder’s business principles come through with each chapter, providing thought-provoking details, anecdotes, and stories. The information will make you understand the woman, as well as what it took to grow such a successful business.

Anytime we can read about business icons with the information coming right from them we should embrace the opportunity. Reading about their success is motivating and inspirational. This book does not disappoint as it provides insight into her drive and determination, and you can’t help but to walk away feeling some of the same.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.