Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

Simon Sinek rose to business fame with his TED Talk, “Start with Why.” His book of the same name is a brilliant look at how most companies know what they do, some can tell you how they do it, but very few have a compelling reason why.

It’s a great book to help business owners think about why they exist in the marketplace. I’ve long taught doctors, “You must have a more profound reason why you exist in your market other than you like what you do and you want to earn a good living.”

Sinek’s next book was Leaders Eat Last. If his first book was really his “What” and this second book was his “Why” then this third book from Sinek, my favorite, is really all about “How.”

This is great news for you and anyone who reads the book. Most business authors have coaching and consulting programs behind their book, so that you come to understand what the problem is and why you should solve it, but to details of how to solve the problem are left behind the curtain. Sinek takes you behind the curtain in this third book.

You’ll particularly enjoy the sections on sharing your story. In my Marketing Director Bootcamps, I walk doctors and their employees through the main steps to sharing their stories. Sharing stories always beats pushing products or services.

Stories have persisted for so long because they are memorable, travel further and inspire action. Most information shared by doctors on their websites or in other media is boring. Usually we revert to talking about the products, features and benefits of what we do. We look and sound like every other provider in our market.

To resonate with your audience, make sure your story is memorable. Share the interesting parts of your life that make you a fascinating character and put yourself in conflict with something that helps your clientele when you resolve it.

I did this years ago for busy parents who didn’t want to miss work or school in order to visit the dentist and orthodontist. I made a list of industry norms and frustrations and I set out to intentionally blow them up. From the first phone call to the new patient process, how our reception area doesn’t look like a doctor’s waiting room, what shows up in the mail before, during and after the new patient consultation, etc.

Read Sinek’s book and then sit down with your team leaders. Survey your patients and distill your compelling reason why you exist in your marketplace. Watch the video below from one of my Marketing Director Bootcamps. You’ll discover the importance of surveying your patients, when you should survey and how.

When you find your “Why,” make sure you share it with your market. There’s nothing worse than a talented professional who has a compelling reason why they exist in their market but fails to let the world know about it.

Dr. Dustin Burleson on “Survey, Listen & Build Your Compelling Reason Why” from The Marketing Director Bootcamp.

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