What Is “Windows Modules Installer Worker” in PC Computer

If you hear your computer’s fans spin up and feel it obtaining hotter for no apparent reason, check the Task Manager and you would possibly see “Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker” employing a ton of mainframe and disk resources. This method, conjointly referred to as TiWorker.exe, may be a a part of the Windows software.

What Is This method and Why Is It Running on My PC?

This article is a component of our in progress series explaining numerous processes found in Task Manager, like Runtime

What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

This system method “enables installation, modification, and removal of Windows updates and elective components”, in line with its service description.

What Windows 10’s “Optional Features” Do, and the way to show Them On or Off

Windows ten mechanically installs software updates via Windows Update, thus this method is probably going simply putting in updates within the background. However, if you select to uninstall AN update or add or take away AN elective Windows feature, the Windows Modules Installer employee method also will have to be compelled to do some work.

While the method is known as Windows Modules Installer employee on the traditional Processes tab in Windows 10’s Task Manager, its file name is TiWorker.exe, and you’ll see that displayed on the main points tab.

Microsoft releases updates on “Patch Tuesday”, the second weekday of each month. they’ll conjointly unleash updates on different days, if necessary. If this method is employing a ton of mainframe, it’s probably that your laptop has simply downloaded new updates from Microsoft.

You may or might not need to restart your laptop to put in these updates, however Windows will lots of change add the background thus you’ll be able to continue mistreatment your laptop whereas it installs the updates.

Why Is It mistreatment such a lot CPU?

Here’s the dangerous news: As way as we will tell, occasional high {cpu|central methoding unit|CPU|C.P.U.|central processor|processor|mainframe|electronic equipment|hardware|computer hardware} usage from the Windows Modules Installer employee process on Windows ten is simply traditional.

The good news is that, if you permit it to run, the method can eventually end and stop mistreatment mainframe and disk resources. The Windows Modules Installer employee method can end and it’ll disappear from the running processes in Task Manager. however long it’ll take depends on the speed of your computer’s mainframe and storage, also as on what percentage updates it required to put in.

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