Iacocca: An Autobiography

Iacocca: An Autobiography

Lee Iacocca is an American legend in the business world. He pulled Chrysler back from the brink of destruction and has a history of being a success. So what is it that makes him such a success? What makes him tick? These are the questions that people have and they are the ones that are answered in the book, Iacocca: An Autobiography.

Although car buffs will love this book, it really has a universal appeal. Anyone who wants to be successful in business should read this book. Just learning more about such a successful businessman is worth the time and effort. In this book you will learn some of the secrets of his success, as well as some of the challenges he faced and overcame.

In this candid book readers will also learn business lessons that can be used in all areas, including in your practice. You will also learn more about what his strengths and weaknesses were, possibly even seeing yourself in some of them. There is a lot to learn from this resourceful businessman that can help every person who aims to build a successful business.

When we take the time to learn about some of the successful business icons of the world we can’t help but to pick up pieces that we can use in our lives. This book provides a peek into the life of someone we should all be familiar with. He takes you inside the boardroom at times, sharing valuable details that will change the way you think. Taking him from a household name to understanding more about what makes the man, this book provides interesting and thought provoking reading that will add more tools to your chest.

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