Random Reminiscences of Men and Events

Random Reminiscences of Men and Events

Considered one of the most successful businessmen in history, largely earning his fame and fortune from the success of Standard Oil Company, Rockefeller is considered a business icon today. The autobiography, Random Reminiscences of Men and Events, is short, sweet, and to the point. You can finish this book within a couple of hours, yet you will walk away with an inspirational look at a business magnate.

The thrilling account of various times and events in his life provides readers with a great deal of information as to what helped make the man successful. He shares his perspective on wealth, his personal life, and his business world. His business coaching advice leaps off the pages and provides plenty of food for thought for every business owner. He also sheds some light on what it’s like to work with a partner and how to make it a successful venture for the both of you.

The information about debt that he covers in this book is invaluable for all entrepreneurs. Even taking the time to explain the most common inquiry people had, you will learn about his thoughts on rebates and how it impacted business. This book provides an important look into the mind of an icon. Reading about great success stories such as Rockefeller’s will inspire you to set new goals and strive to reach them. While the reminiscing throughout the book is random, it still hits a home run with readers.

As you strive to grow your business and reach new heights in success, you can use the insight that someone like Rockefeller can provide. The book is interesting, motivating, and worth the quick read that it is. If you make one important decision this week, have it be to add this book to your reading to-do list.

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