Raving Fans

Raving Fans

Do patients leave your office and become raving fans? Even the smallest of complaints that they have can change their opinion of your practice. It may be the difference between them recommending someone to your office, and not. What you don’t know about having raving fans and satisfied customers could be hurting your business.

In the short fable presented in Raving Fans, you will read a story you can relate to. It paints the picture of how important even minor details can be to the overall picture. It will make you think more about customer service and determine if you are doing all you can do, or if there are things you are missing along the way. It’s not enough to ask a customer if they are satisfied, because there is a good chance they will just say yes, even if they do have some complaints.

This is a simple story that is a quick read. The story is short, but the information is thought provoking and will help you become better at providing customer service. You may even see yourself or your business in aspects of the story.

In order to have a successful practice it is crucial that you be well versed on customer service. It has to be a cornerstone of your business, making it essential to learn all you can about it. The more you can improve your customer service skills and that of those in your office, the better your chances of having raving fans will be. This book focuses on using common sense in your approach to customer service, and gives you what you need to have a competitive advantage. Grab this book and read it on your lunch break. You can start applying the principles immediately afterward.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.