Roku Channel Hidden Gems You Want To Add

Unlike the official Roku Channel Store, where you’ll find thousands of channels available to Roku users, there is another way to add new types of content. In case you didn’t know, Hidden & private channels on Roku are another possibility to integrate third-party services with your media streaming device. As you can expect, we’ve dedicated this article to the best Roku private channels you’ll find today, so make sure to join us as we explore numerous options.

No matter if you use the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, or Roku Ultra – all users of this platform receive the same software treatment. You’ll get to use both free and premium Roku channels, which are constantly receiving new updates. However, there’s also a hidden side of Roku, designed for developers as a way to test their services before publishing them. This is precisely what Roku private channels are, with one major caveat. Anyone can use these, as long as they know a code that needs to be used.

So, before you start checking out the best Roku private channels, you need to know one thing. You need to know how to install private Roku channels, so make sure to click on the provided link. Then, keep on reading this guide to try different options and enrich your media streaming library.

iTunes Podcasts

The free podcasts that are available in the iTunes library are brought up by this channel. It has many features which include the list of favorites, Top Podcasts, Search (for the content that you wish to have), and Settings for customization. This has a limited system. It offers only free content. To watch paid movies and other such TV shows you need to run the iTunes App on your computer.

Neon Party Games

Just like the name, the games that it offers are also very cool. It has six different games which are namely Geometry, Puck, Squad, Sumo, Cell, and Tag. Any number of players can join this game but a minimum of two players is required for the games. You first need to install the Neon party Games controller from the Play Store. The App and the games are ads-free but they do pop up in between the games which you will be able to remove through in-app purchases.


Clikia offers a mix of live channels, on-demand videos, and ad-free radio stations. You can access some free content without paying anything. If you’re willing to dip into your wallet, there are three packages available. If you want access to cable channels like TNT, Sony, Cartoon Network, FOX News, and ESPN, you’ll need to pay $31.95/month.

FreeJack TV

Are you a fan of conspiracy theories? If the answer is yes, you need to check out FreeJack TV. It offers a mix of conspiracy-themed chat shows, live streams, movies, and more.


EuroRoku is a paid private Roku channel that provides access to 24/7 streams of European TV stations. The service costs $15/month and offers more than 300 channels, including networks from the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Poland, and Sweden.

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