Tech Slowdown Threatens the American Dream

Tech Slowdown Threatens the American Dream

Ask anyone today about technology and you’re likely to hear about the amazing transformations happening across the board.  Silicon Valley has exponentially grown the number of tech startups and has created millions of jobs.  Here’s the only problem: today’s apps and tech startups like Nest and Alphabet’s other Google projects can’t hold a candle to the benefit indoor plumbing, electricity, automobiles, airports, bridges, antibiotics, vaccines and hospitals brought to society.

In this extremely interesting take on technology and the slowdown that threatens the American dream, Dave Rotman brings the reader way back to the 1800s when massive leaps in prosperity occurred as a result of new technologies. Instead of writing off today’s technology as drops in a bucket compared to the massive innovations like the combustion engine and airplanes, he thoughtfully explains possible reasons for the progressive decline in American productivity and how we might better support new technologies, economically and politically, so that they reach their full potential in the future.

This is a wonderfully-written and thought-provoking article that deserves a much deeper dive by anyone who has an interest in the future of American productivity. Two books and one article worth investigating that are mentioned in the article, include The Rise and Fall of American GrowthThe Great Stagnation and Is Innovation Over?

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