The Latest Couponing Device: Your Car

The Latest Couponing Device: Your Car

According to Kate Kaye’s recent article in Advertising Age, the next frontier in advertising coupons is coming to a car near you. Kaye shares details on the collaboration between General Motors, their OnStar equipped vehicles and Koupon Media. “The relationship reflects what’s becoming an everyday reality for consumers: more ads in connected things, including their vehicles. Koupon helps GM display offers that can be redeemed using a mobile device, thus easily attributing trackable in-store sales to OnStar ads. People viewing the OnStar dashboard or a related mobile app such as the MyChevy app can click on offers, which sends the Koupon Media discount to their email. Those can be redeemed using their mobile device.”

This has the potential to transform mass-communication advertising like satellite and terrestrial radio into customized and individualized advertising experiences. GM, IBM and Koupon Media want brands to compete, so they have opted not to offer category exclusivity. Restaurants, coffee shops, car washes and gas stations are obvious tie-ins with a system like this, but local bricks and mortar retailers could eventually find their way onto the platform. If not directly advertising things like teeth whitening or national oral health month, dentists and orthodontists could certainly partner up with local charities or community festivals as sponsors for patient appreciation events, local outdoor movie nights and music concerts.

Whether you ever have enough curiosity or ambition to start marketing in new channels like this, it’s important to pay attention to how big advertisers find unique ways to engage with their customers. Multi-channel integration is absolutely critical to the success of the campaign. Just like we take consumers from postcards, magazine ads and Facebook posts to another area on their smartphone for data capture, these smart advertisers are doing the same thing. Pay attention. There are secrets everywhere, hidden in plain sight.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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