There’s Gold in the Old

There’s Gold in the Old

Here’s a shocker: network television continues to cling to programming that works. We’re basically seeing the faithful formulas that worked decades ago continue to succeed today. Even the popular series, Empire, is only a slight twist on the traditional soap opera format. An article in the Atlantic by David Sims reviews the trend in more detail, but below I’ve summarized the most important points and how they can relate to your practice.

In today’s world of scattered and short attention spans, any kind of brand recognition is a good thing. Uncle Buck comes out this summer. The X-Files are back with a six-episode reboot. CSI and NCIS continue to be big hits for CBS as well as classic laugh-track sitcoms like Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. We’ve seen the same trend in movies. Star Wars, X-Men, and various franchise hits from Disney and Pixar that simply never go away. Why risk the new when you can rely on what works? This makes sense to most people.

Orthodontists, however, and most small business owners have this odd tendency to try every new gadget and strategy that crosses their desk. Without properly vetting the things in front of them, based on data and results, with the things in the past that actually worked, it’s too often that we lose our grip on what works and continually reinvent a wheel that doesn’t need reinventing.

There’s gold in the old, is a saying most direct-response marketers like to use. It’s important to remember when you market and build your practice, that there are tried and true principles and proven methods of positioning your message and services that work over and over again. Observing the television and movie industry should be a stark reminder that sticking to principles and strategies that work is a very good idea.

What marketing strategies, treatment presentation methods and employee engagement devices did you previously use in your practice, and that worked well, but you’ve stopped doing for no apparent reason? It’s probably time to go back and reactivate the formulas that work. There’s Gold in the Old.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.