Thinking, Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Written by a psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Thinking, Fast and Slow will open your eyes and mind to the process of thinking. The author takes a deep look into the way the mind works, citing decades of research. What you will find is that your mind works in ways you never dreamed possible!

Topics explored in this book include making future predictions, bias of intuition, and making judgments. Each of these areas is explored in depth, being backed up by research and examples that will help you grasp the concepts thoroughly. There is a wealth of information to be learned in this book, making it universally appealing.

The idea that comes across in the book is that capitalists overestimate their success rate by quite a bit. This is important for every business owner, so that they don’t fall into the trap of making mistakes simply because they don’t have a realistic picture of where things are. The information in this book helps put things into perspective, as well as helping when it comes to making future predictions.

In every practice it is important to understand how people think and what drives them to do the things they do. This helps us have a better understanding of ourselves, as well as those around us. The information in this book will be helpful in your business life, as well as in your professional one. The examples and sample problems throughout this book will give you a whole new perspective on the issue. It will also provide you with something you can hold onto when it comes to making positive change and understanding the world we live in. The thought-provoking questions in this book will make you think, and act.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.