Walkthrough of Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked Game

The objective of the Gun Mayhem game which has lots of guns and several tactics in, defeat your friend or bots as soon as possible. You can play in “Campaign” mode or “Custom Game” mode that you can assign selections however you want. Game can be played 1 to 4 players. In 2 player game mode, 1st Player uses “Arrow Keys” and “Ğ,-” keys, 2nd Player uses “W,A,S,D” keys and “T,Y” keys to play. You can design your character when you select “Campaign” mode and after you choose the chapter.

In this mode, you will fight against to bots with your friend together and objectives will be getting harder when you complete the chapters one by one. You can use “Space” key to pause the game to have a break in this action game of Twoplayergames.org portal. If 3rd and 4th players want to join the game, you can learn key combinations from “Options” section. You can see and test all weapons from “Gun Library” section. Let the fight begin in arena!

Walkthrough of Gun Mayhem 2

  • Player 1: use arrow keys up, down, right, left to move on and jump, and at the same time, press Z key to shoot and X key to drop bombs.
  • Player 2: use WASD keys to move on, press key to shoot and Y key to drop bombs.
  • Player 3: use np/, np7, np8, np9 keys to move on, press np* key to shoot and np- the key to drop bombs.
  • Player 4: use np5, np1, np2, np3 keys to move on, press np0 key to shoot and np. key to drop bombs.

Generally, the walkthrough is easy to understand, and of course, the game Gun Mayhem 2 is easy to play, but if you reach the third stage in the 16 stages of “Campaign”, there will be so many difficulties to overcome. That you have to do these things at the same time: shooting, jumping up and down, avoiding coming bullets in a limited area, which will make it so hard to control the character. Besides, the simple control and display are them that makes the game so attractive, players will feel so excited when playing gun mayhem game.

About how to play gun mayhem in schools? I’m sure that you will not regret.


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