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Write (and Live) What You Know.

Write (and Live) What You...

There are too many examples to count in which a struggling writer, faced with writer’s block or a tight deadline, experiences an epiphany, resulting in prolific prose only after he or she starts writing about what they know. In an interview on ... »

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset.

Each month, we have really great coaching calls for Look Over My Shoulder members and received two excellent questions from members, Dr. Michael McCarthy and Dr. Kim Mai. The principles and strategies reviewed during the call teed me up nicely for a ... »

On Skin in Game and Bearing the Cost.

On Skin in Game and Beari...

During a recent coaching call, I was asked about several specific investments I’ve made and my outlook on those assets. While the answers I gave were specific and strategic (i.e., fluid and reactive), the underlying principles were not and they... »