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On Peak Performance.

On Peak Performance.

If you’re a college basketball fan, the NCAA Final Four games last night were a blast to watch. Kansas beat Villanova, so everyone in my neck of the woods is happy.  The Carolina-Duke rivalry was elevated to a new level. Last night was the... »

The Costs of Short-Term Thinking.

The Costs of Short-Term T...

As a general rule, employees don’t form unions if they are thrilled with management, pay, working conditions and their jobs. Especially in the United States, forming a union is not a recreational activity. It’s difficult and could cost wo... »

Building Healthy Ecosystems.

Building Healthy Ecosyste...

Mark Watson is the founder of Aquila Capital Partners. I had the pleasure of listening to one of his interviews and an audience member asked him, in Q2 where he would invest $1 million. It’s the same question we’re answering at Flagstaff ... »