Never Enough.

Never Enough.

Jay Papasan, coach to fortune 500 CEOs instructs, financially wealthy people are those who have enough money coming in without having to work to finance their true purpose in life.”

If you haven’t found your true purpose in life, there is no amount of money that will satisfy you. You’ll never know if you have enough money. You can never technically be financially wealthy without purpose. Try finding that definition in any financial advisor or hedge fund brochure… As we say in southern Ohio, it “ain’t gonna happen.”

In my work with private clients from all over the globe, I find it fascinating that a universal truth with human nature is our frequent tendency to never be satisfied. We can help our clients double or triple their revenue, but that’s never enough, especially when they don’t really know where they are headed and why. Doctors with a compelling “reason why” and defined purpose in life, on the other hand, not only reach their goals but they have three special traits I don’t see in the clients who chase after more money just for the sake of chasing after more money:

  1. They know exactly what amount of money they need to achieve true financial independence (no debt, 6 
months of living and practice expenses in liquid assets, 20% or more directed to savings, 20% or more directed to charity, working on things they love but not because they need the money).
  2. They enjoy the journey, celebrate the progress and compare their results to where they were, not to some ideal that doesn’t exist. This is a big one. Our inability to accept that sometimes things work and sometimes things don’t work is a hallmark recipe for perpetual frustration and disappointment in our results. Don’t compare yourself to an ideal that doesn’t exist. Compare yourself to where you were this time last year. Are you making progress? Stop and celebrate the small wins.
  3. They attach their mission in life to something bigger than themselves. I half-joked with a client recently about exit strategy when I said, “ultimately we all have the same exit strategy in that we will all be equally dead in the end.” What are you doing with the wealth you create so that your time here on earth was worth all the effort and struggle? What will you leave in better shape than you found it? Our practices are committed to treating 10,000 kids through Smiles Change Lives. It’s a big goal and it will leave the world a little better than we found it. This big goal drives my team. It gets them excited.

More money can temporarily make you happy but then it stops. If you want true fulfillment and happiness, find your purpose. When you have a more compelling reason or purpose for having the money, you will discover that what you can do with the money is much more important than the act of getting or having it.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.