Painless Parker: A Dental Renegade’s Fight to Make Advertising Ethical

Painless Parker

Being in the field of dentistry or orthodontics there is a good chance you have heard of Painless Parker. Whether you have heard of him yet or not, you should put this book high on your summer reading list. The book, Painless Parker: A Dental Renegade’s Fight to Make Advertising Ethical, offers a historical look at this dental renegade is not only fascinating, but it also teaches us a lot about the industry and ethics in advertising.

Painless Parker was born Edgar Rudolph Parker, yet he changed his first name to Painless in order to avoid problems he was having in advertising his dental practice. He believed in painless dentistry and his advertising practices turned many of his colleagues away. Yet we have learned a great deal from his methods and practices. He was certainly an innovator in the field and one from whom we can all learn something.

Leaving a legacy that still stands today, Painless Parker has arguably been one of the most successful dentists in the history of our country. He used unconventional methods to advertise his practice, but he was also successful at getting people to care more about their teeth. His methods help boost how often people would visit the dentist. He was not only successful in New York City, where he had opened several offices, but he was able to replicate his dental business success in multiple states.

Every professional in the dental field should read this book if only to become familiar with whom Painless Parker was. You will be fascinated by his life, course of action in dentistry, and in the success that he had. Some paint him as a villain of the industry, while others appreciate the innovation he used to find success. The only way you will know which description fits your opinion of him is to give this book a read. Then you will know why people on both ends of the spectrum both love and hate him in the same breath.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.