The Story Factor

The Story Factor

“Most influence will require that you help someone override old habits.” That’s just one message of many that you will find in The Story Factor by Annette Simmons. She lays out the information about the importance of storytelling in our culture and especially in the business world. Get ready to hear some stories in each chapter, as she convinces you that it’s time to hone your storytelling skills in order to help grow your business.

In this book about the importance of storytelling, the author shares details about how stories persuade people. They can be an important source that influences and inspires others. She breaks the storytelling down into six main categories, including stories that show who you are, stories that shed light on why you are here, stories about your vision for the future, ones about how something is accomplished, stories about values, and ones that let people know you understand how they think or feel.

Stories influence people more than facts, making having storytelling skills crucial, especially for those in the business world. The author provides plenty of examples to demonstrate their importance, as well as providing do’s and don’ts. Not only will readers learn why telling stories is paramount to those in leadership and sales positions, but it will also help you to be able to identify a good story when you hear one.

This is a good book for those in business, as it will provide you with a solid tool you can use. The art of storytelling will help you get in touch with others, make a connection, and grow your business. The more you can influence others the better position your company will be in. This book will help you learn how to be a better storyteller and be able to use those stories to your advantage.

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