What They Believe.

What They Believe.

My friend, Dan Kennedy, shared some great inside baseball at The Advanced Trust and Authority-Building Academy with Burleson Seminars in Cleveland recently. If you missed it, I’m not going to give you all of his pearls, but I will share a BIG one with you below.

When practically applied to your business, the marketing principle can transform your business. If you look around, you’ll find very few businesses that think and operate this way.

Most businesses stop at what people need to KNOW:

  • We’re a car dealership
  • We sell this kind of car
  • We’re open these hours
  • We’re having the sale of the century
  • You can have a low credit score and we’ll still get you financed

Almost no businesses go all the way to what people need to BELIEVE.

For example, most weight loss companies look the same. They start with the program, how it works, why it is better than the other programs in terms of cost or features, benefits, competitive superiority. But, the smartest weight loss companies start with what their prospect must BELIEVE. Specifically, “Why this time is going to be different?

After a consumer has tried 16 diets and they’ve all failed, it’s not about the diet or the program or the cost. It’s really about answering the question “Why will this time be any different than the other 16 times I tried to lose weight?”

This best marketing goes beyond what people must KNOW and connects with what they must BELIEVE.

The parents of your patients already know their kid needs braces or Invisalign. They already know what their options are in your town. Many have already visited those offices and shopped around. They know what the prices are. They know how the braces are placed and what the difference between a Herbst and a headgear. They can learn everything they need to know before they ever leave their house. Heck, with enough YouTube and the right equipment, most parents could put the braces on without your help.

What they need to believe is that you are the best choice for their son or daughter. Start learning how, when and where to address that fundamental emotional need in the consumer and you’ll be on your way to 10X in your practice, just like I did with Dan Kennedy’s help. * Oh, and if you want to grab the recordings from this event, click here.

Worked at Burleson Orthodontics. Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.